Finance Your Tattoo

As you go through your consultation, create your design and work with your artist, the last thing you should have comprising your creativity is the payment. That is why the Playhouse team is proud to announce that we have partnered with PayBright to help you finance your tattoo!

What’s in it for you?

How does it work?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Purchase Amount

    Head over to Paybright by clicking our apply now button above. You start by entering the amount you will be financing along with your name, address, phone number, email and date of birth

  2. Playhouse Tattoos

    Once you’ve filled out your information you will move to the next screen to select the merchant. Search for Playhouse Tattoos and select it, the full name will appear as “Playhouse Tattoos – Mississauga,ON 900-Rathburn Rd W-“.

  3. Approval Decision

    You’re done! In the final screen, you will find out if you have been approved. Shortly after approval, you will receive an email confirming that you have been approved. Lastly, you will be asked to bring a photo ID and a void check to complete your transaction in-store.

  4. Our End

    Once you have been approved and receive your email, your application will be in our system. When it is time to pay for your tattoo let your artist know that you have been approved and he/she will finish your application.


How long does it take to find out if I am approved?

The entire process takes 2-5 minutes. The application is quick and your status is determined immediately.

How long do I have to pay off my tattoo?

Payment plans are offered in 3, 6 and 12-month terms.

Can I pay off my tattoo early?

Yes! You can easily pay off your loan without any early payment fees. To do so, you can call Paybright to arrange your payment or you can do it through your customer portal.

Do I have to pay interest on my loan?

No! This is a 0% interest loan which means you won’t have to worry about rising costs.

What do I have to pay for?

You will be responsible for the cost of the tattoo, a one-time merchant charge, and a $6.95 monthly fee. For example, your costs on a $1000 tattoo will be a one-time fee of $49.50 and $6.95 for 3 months.

Is there a minimum and maximum I can finance?

The minimum amount required for financing is $1000. The maximum amount will be determined once you have been approved.

Can I finance part of my tattoo?

You can finance any amount of your tattoo as long as the financed amount is at least $1000. For example, if your tattoo costs $1500, you can choose to pay $500 with debit/cash and finance the remaining $1000.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely! Leading security is used to manage information against risk through Norton Secured by Symantec, a Fortune 500 company.