The Playhouse Apprenticeship Program offers a comprehensive and personalized journey into the world of tattooing. You will have your abilities pushed to the limit and learn what it means to be an artist.

what we are looking for

You don’t need to be the best, but you do need the desire to want to be the best. You might not get concepts on the first attempt, you might not even get them on the 100th attempt, but you are a person who never gives up. You are ready to work hard, explore new ideas and create the beauty you want to see in the world. You might be someone who has had a passion for art your whole life or someone who recently learned more about themselves. You are looking for tattooing to be your career, to devote your life’s work and find out what you are capable of creating.

what you will get

PLAYHOUSE will be your designed environment to learn the ubiquitous requirements of tattooing. You will learn linework, shading and various techniques that will help you turn designs to tattoos. You will learn the importance of customer service and how it can completely change a clients entire experience. You will learn how to go from consultations to designs to tattooing your first client. Most importantly, you will have the intimate learning environment that is required to become a tattoo artist. You won’t be competing for time with 30 other apprentices. We take a select amount of apprentices to ensure that we can give you the time that you deserve.

Required Skills: Willingness to learn, take criticism and grow, Respect for others, Desire for radical transparency in work, Competitive art base, Strong work ethic, and Basic understanding of Photoshop

our roots

We, the Playhouse Family, have come from different cities all over Ontario. We all traveled down different roads growing up and some of us had aspirations to become lawyers, accountants, firefighters, teachers, etc. Some of us went to University and College to get our degrees and diplomas since that was the direction that society guided us towards, but here at Playhouse, we have carved our own paths. Whether you dropped out of school or completed your Masters, we welcome you to be a part of our culture and family. Once you step through our doors, you will feel and understand who we are and what we represent in this industry. We are not like the rest.


currently accepting applications remaining spots: 1