We’ve devoted ourselves to the highest standard of technical skill and artistry to create an industry leading tattoo experience.

Tattoo Process

Getting in Touch
Design Sessions
Tattoo Session

1. Starting Your Tattoo Journey

The first step in your tattoo journey is getting in touch with us. We need to hear from you! You can call us, send us an email through our contact form, talk to one of our agents on LiveChat, or walk-in during our hours of operation.

In your inquiry, you should include your ideas, how big you want your tattoo and if there is any particular artist you want to work with. You can check out all of our wonderful artists here.

2. Meeting Your Artist

Your 15 minute consultation will begin with you meeting your artist and discussing your ideas. After hearing your ideas, your artist will let you know if they are the right fit. If not, your artist will refer you to one of our other artists who they feel is better suited for your piece. After your consultation, you will be booked in for a design session.

All of our consultations are free. However, we do book up quickly and we truly want to give you the best tattoo experience, but 99% of the time we cannot book you in the next day.

3. Designing your Vision

Just like our consultations, our design sessions are free. Design sessions typically last 1-3 hours. This is where you will sit down with your artist and give all of your input.

This is your time to add your vision, creativity, and passion. Don’t be shy or afraid to give your opinion if you don’t like how your design looks. This is going to be on your body and we want to make sure you are fully satisfied. Once you have finalized the design and made any necessary changes, you will be booked in for your tattoo appointment!

4. Securing your Spot

When we book you in for your tattoo appointment, we require a deposit which guarantees your chair time with our artist.

After your appointment has been booked, you have 24 hours to pay your deposit, or unfortunately, your appointment will be canceled. This is done to ensure we do not have any no-shows. Our artists have waitlists of people that want to be tattooed and it wouldn’t be fair if we booked people in that did not show up.

Once your deposit is paid, you have 48 hours to cancel your appointment for a full refund. If you cancel your appointment more than 48 hours after you have paid your deposit, you will lose your deposit.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you have up to 1 week prior to your appointment date to notify us that you need to change your appointment date. Any tattoo appointment rescheduled closer than 1 week to the appointment will result in the loss of the deposit and a new deposit will be required.

How much do I have to deposit?

If your tattoo is less than $500 then your deposit will be $100 + tax ($113.00). If your tattoo costs more than $500, your deposit will be 25% of the total cost. The deposit will count towards the total price of your tattoo.

5. Sitting in your glorious throne

It is time to get started!

Your artist will apply the stencil onto your body until you are completely happy with the placement. After you are satisfied with your tattoo placement, we will let the stencil dry for 5-10 minutes.

As your stencil dries, your artist will prepare his or her station and ensure that all safety and sanitation standards are met. Once everything is prepared and the stencil is dry, it is time for the first line!